Making sex in marriage more exciting. Practical Advice

I was shopping for sex toys and I stumbled on their sexy blog. click to see their womens sex toys range  – I got to thinking, buying and sharing a sex toy would really improve sex after marriage.

Has your sex life become boring after marriage?

Follow these simple tips on making married sex as exciting as the first time you slept with her or him

A marriage is a happy beginning of many things, but when it comes to sex, marriage may do more harm than good. Of course, the first months of marriage, after dating for years, can still be fun, the novelty of the role of each one as husband and wife helps in the beginning.

However, the novelty of a new marriage disappears, it can have detrimental side effects on your sex life.

How to make sex in marriage more exciting.

When you do not spend …

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4 Exercises To Make Your Sex Life Incredible

As a mother of three kids who has been pregnant twice in the past three years, I know what life and love can do to your body. Feeling worn out has come to be my default feeling. Even though your body can do it all, and you think you are in reasonably good shape, there may be something missing.

Stress from your busy life can leave you with a lower libido or less pleasurable intimate experiences which can take a toll on your relationship.

If your core has lost strength due to pregnancy, injury or lack of use, getting it back can be slow or not happening at all. Poor core strength can show up as hunched posture, back pain, and low libido and poor performance.

Here are four exercises to increase tone and blood flow in your deepest core muscles to take your sex life from good to great!…


Important Facts You Must Know About Vaginismus

Vaginismus is a type of female sexual disorder which makes proper penetration of the penile shaft into the vagina quite difficult. What happens is that your vaginal muscles tighten up in reaction to entry of penile shaft into the vaginal opening, thereby making penetration extremely painful. In certain cases penetration is just not possible at all.

This medical condition can have a serious negative impact on your sex life, and can even bring an end to your relationship or marriage. Inability to have sexual intercourse or painful sexual intercourse can be very frustrating and result in unwanted tension between the couple. It goes without saying that you must act now and take some serious measures to tackle this problem.

First and foremost, you must understand the causes behind the development of vaginismus. This way you’ll be able to figure out whether there’s something inherently wrong in your body or …

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Top 4 Ways of Reigniting that Spark in your Married Life

I was checking out this great rabbit vibrator guide at the Frisky Sex Shop and I wondered – how can you inject more spark into a marriage? – I’ll share with you top 4 ways of reigniting that spark in your married life!

Surprise – Bring the surprise factor back into your married life. It can be something as simple as giving your husband a long passionate kiss when he least expects it. Or perhaps planning a quick weekend getaway to some suburban destination.

Variety – My family just can’t have enough of roasted chicken. But, if I start serving them roasted chicken in all the meals of the day, they’ll not take much time to get over it. The same happens with our relationships. Especially when we talk about the activities of the bedroom! It’s important for you to learn new ways of spicing things up in the …


Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance

Are you exposed to estrogen?

Apart from women, even men and children can be exposed to estrogen. On the other hand, you may not get exposed at all! Almost everything in our world gets exposed to estrogen at some point of time. Our world as it is now, has estrogen present all around us in the form of:

–        Carpets in our houses
–        Pesticides and plastics
–        Exhaust fumes
–        Industrial waste
–        Furniture and more

Regular exposure to estrogen can result in several harmful side effects such as loss of libido. Other problems you may face due to regular estrogen exposure are:

–        Infertility
–        Allergy symptoms
–        Prostate Cancer
–        Irritability, anxiety and depression
–        Gallbladder diseases
–        PMS
–        Enhanced risk of heart stroke
–        Tender breasts
–        Dry eyes
–        Uterine fibroids
–        Bloating or water retention
–        Brain fog, memory loss or dementia
–        …